Live Mealworms

Live Mealworms

Feed live mealworms as a natural and enriching treat to chickens, reptiles, backyard songbirds, and more!


*for backyard songbirds empty contents in a dish/container with smooth sides, at least 1" tall, in a shaded location. After the mealworms have been consumed the wheat bran can be disposed of or composted. 


Our mealworms are raised in Maine! Golden Meal Mealworms never uses hormones to prevent metamorphosis or expedite growth like some of the large commercial mealworm farms. They are grown with a 100% natural diet of wheat bran and a variety of fresh vegetables daily. 


Keep mealworms refrigerated. If mealworms are unused after 2 weeks, it is suggested to remove the container from the refrigerator and provide them with a small piece of vegetable prior to feeding your animal(s) - this will provide the highest nutrients to whomever consumes the mealworms. Allow them to stay at room temperature, out of the sun with plenty of ventilation, for 24 hours. Mealworms may be returned to the refrigerator after this time.  This process can be repeated for up to three months.


Refrigerated mealworms are dormant and will exhibit decreased activity. Allow them to warm to room temperature (ensure air holes are not obstructed) to increase physical activity. 

  • How are they shipped?

    To provide the most air flow as possible, quanties larger than 200 count are shipped in mesh/fabric bags.

    100 and 200 counts will be shipped in wheat bran in a plastic container.

    A plastic container for storage and wheat bran (bedding/food source) will be provided for all quantities. 

    Live Mealworms are shipped via priority or priority express USPS mail. We provide non-toxic dry ice or heat packs during extreme temperatures. However, please plan to remove the package from the outdoors immediately upon arrival. 

  • Return Policy

    Live mealworms must be removed from their packaging and either stored in a refrigerator or at room temperature (60-75 degrees) out of the sun immediately upon arrival from USPS.

    If the mealworms have not arrived alive, please use the link below to send photographs of them in the shipping container upon arrival. Photos must be sent within 24 hours for a refund or replacement. 

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