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Mealworm Gold - 100% Natural Frass Fertilizer

Mealworm Gold - 100% Natural Frass Fertilizer

Organic frass fertilizer from 100% naturally fed mealworms!


Mealworm frass is a combination of small pieces of mealworm exoskeleton (which they molt regularly as they grow) and mealworm feces (our mealworms are fed a diet of wheat bran and fresh vegetables). 


Frass naturally contains a variety of minerals needed for plant growth. it also contains chitin (found in molted exoskeleton) which strengthens the cell walls in plants. Stronger cell walls gives the plants an enhanced ability to fight some diseases and pests. 


To use: 


Mix one cup of frass with one gallon of water 


Work mixture into soil (appx 1lb/20sqft)


Allergy warning: This product may contain trace particles of wheat. 

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