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Golden Meal Mealworms

Fresh, live, healthy mealworms raised in small batches

Mealworms are the larval form of the darkling beetle, Tenebrio Molitor. There are four stages of metamorphosis - beetle, egg, larva, and pupae. 

Why feed live mealworms?

- For fans of songbirds, a larger variety of birds can be expected at feeding stations. Some species of birds will only be interested in live, wiggling bugs!

- Live mealworms contain their natural liquids (unlike the freeze or heat dried packaged mealworms). This moisture content is vital for fledgling and nestling songbirds who depend on the food their parents provide for water and nutritional content. 

-The movement of live mealworms provide a more enriching feeding experience (mentally and physically) for reptiles and chickens. 

- They can be "gut loaded" at any time with fresh food and choice nutrients - which will be passed along to your reptiles, amphibians, chickens, and backyard songbirds!

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About Golden Meal

Golden Meal Mealworms is a small owner operated mealworm farm in Maine. 

As a Zoologist, I originally began a mealworm farm in order to provide the highest quality food source to the non-releasable wildlife at the sanctuary where I worked.

I have since expanded the mealworm farm to local farm and pet stores and now online (as of Spring 2021). 

Golden Meal mealworms are fed a 100% natural diet - wheat bran and a variety of vegetables (sweet potato is their favorite!). 

Unlike some commercial farms, absolutely no hormones are used (some commercial farms use them for the prevention of metamorphosis or to artificially expedite growth). 

Golden Meal Mealworms now offers, Mealworm Gold, a 100% natural frass fertilizer!

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